Japanese precision plastic parts manufacturer which established since 1996

PT. IMC TEKNO INDONESIA (formerly PT. ISHIKAWA INDONESIA) since its establishment since 1996, always committed to respond to customers’ requirements, and we are consistent to pursue the continuous production of precision plastic products that will made the customers feel safe.

We produce and supply injection molding plastic parts as the exterior products and precision mechanism parts, mainly for the engineering parts. We supply for the product mechanism parts mainly extended for motorcycle, automotive, electronic components and also plastic parts for audio and video etc., precision connector, motor parts, etc., we also deal with the product variety of pharmaceutical appliances, air pump, files, transformers, etc. In addition we are also able to process by using insert molding.

With all the local staffs and three persons Japanese engineer work cooperatively, every day, to respond to every detail of customer's inquiry.

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Company Profile

PT. IMC Tekno Indonesia

First factory
(Export Processing Zone)

Kawasan Berikat Kota Bukit Indah ST-4D Block A-II No.29, Purwakarta, Jawa Barat 41181, Indonesia
(Export Processing Zone)

Second factory
(Non-Export Processing Zone)

(Produksi sejak Nov 2012)
Kawasan Industry KOTA BUKIT INDAH ST-1 Blok A-III Lot No. 15E-15F, Purwakarta, Jawa Barat 41181, INDONESIA
(Domestic Processing Zone)
*Main Office

TEL: +62-264-351440 Email:khiraoka@cbn.net.id
Established : March 1996
Start Operation : July 1996
Capital : US$ 1.000.000
Employees : 412 persons
(as of March 2019)

Our Commitment

Machining Example

Production Facilities

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